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Linden Athletic Hall of Fame

The Linden Athletic Hall of Fame was formed in 2006 as a way to honor the student-athletes, coaches and teams that have achieved great success over the years while at Linden High School and beyond.  The Hall of Fame operates as a sub-committee under the Linden Athletic Boosters Club.  The first induction ceremony took place in 2007 and eight more induction classes have since been honored.  Presently induction ceremonies take place every two years. 

To nominate a person or group to the Linden Athletic Hall of Fame, download the application form (individual, team, family ) and mail to the Linden Athletic Boosters Club at PO Box 121, Linden CA 95236 or email to event chairman Ron Rugani at rrugani@grupe.com

10th Induction Ceremony

10th Induction Ceremony planned for Fall 2022.  Please submit nominations ASAP.

9th Induction Ceremony takes place

  • On January 12, 2019 Aaron Judge was inducted into the Linden Athletic Hall of Fame.  He was the lone inductee at the 9th induction ceremony for his accomplishments and contributions in athletics at Linden High School, Fresno State University and the New York Yankees. It was a great celebration for both  Aaron  and the community of Linden. Thank you to the Linden Athletic Hall of Fame committee for all the work you do to create such a memorable evening. 


2007                                                                                 2012                                                  

Mark Miller                                                                   Kim Eproson-Dyer

Erik Mitchell                                                                 Randy Hamilton

Kirby Page                                                                     Larry Lucchetti, Jr.

Brian Peets                                                                   Kirstin Morgado-Holtberg

Brent Simonich                                                            Stephanie Ziemann-Colero

Vic Solari II                                                                    1996 LHS Volleyball Team

Suzanne Stonebarger                                              

1977 Linden High Football Team                              

2008                                                                                 2013                                                  

Joe Chelli                                                                        Marissa Dargy

Robert Freeman                                                          Christy Scheffel-Parker

David Miller                                                                  Robyn Schmitt-Allen

Angela Orlando                                                            Jeff Simonich

Tara Podesta                                                                1981-1982 LHS Girls Basketball Team

Bill Rood                                                                   

Erika Selsor                                                              

1990 Linden High Volleyball Team

2009                                                                              2015                                                  

Bob Amerman                                                           Bill (Biff) Aschenbrenner                

Scott Bryant                                                               Katie Cotta

Joe Fonzi                                                                      Betty Morris-Laub

Jose Meza                                                                    Carla Busalacchi

Allison Stonebarger                                                 1969-1970 ;HS Boys Basketball Team

1950 Linden High Football Team

2010                                                                            2017                                                  

Mike Berg                                                                  2004-2005 Linden High Boys Baseball Team

Connie Dalrymple-Marion                                    2004-2005 Linden High Girls Softball Team

Randy Holtberg                                                       Cristen Cademartori

Aaron Parker                                                            Mark Zaklan

Gina Troxell                                                      

Mike Zaklan, Sr.     2019                                                          

1981-1982 LHS Boys Basketball Team              Aaron Judge

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